BT offers anti-botnet security for enterprises

BT announced it has the improved its security solutions to defend enterprise networks against the growing threat of botnet attacks.

The firm said using new proprietary detection tools, it can identify which hosts within a customer's network are under the control of botnets and then assist the customer with quarantine and remediation efforts to restore the network's integrity.

Botnets are a significant security risk to businesses because they are primarily used to execute criminal activity.

BT claims since bots do communicate and these communications generate firewall traffic, its Managed Security Solutions Group has created the ability to detect bots by monitoring and analyzing firewall traffic.

This solution provides significant value-added service to BT's existing Event Monitoring and Correlation customers worldwide and eliminates additional infrastructure spending, since customers do not need to buy additional proprietary detection technology or add IDPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems) capability to their network.