BT pushes cloud globally

BT is accelerating its push into cloud computing by launching BT Cloud Compute, an enhanced service that the company claims allows CIOs far greater control in terms of designing, building, buying and operating a cloud solution that is tailored to their specific needs.

CIOs can keep pace with the changing demands of their customers and confidently build powerful “pay as you go” cloud solutions that they can use from anywhere in the world with consistent levels of quality, security and service from BT, the company said.

From the boom economies of Latin America and the financial hubs of Europe to the huge developing markets of Asia and the fast-moving retail sectors of the US, BT’s smartest, fastest customers are transforming their businesses by creating or changing their service in response to new demands. BT research has shown that customers using BT Cloud Compute make an average saving of 40% against traditional ways of working. By using BT’s advanced Cloud orchestration of infrastructure, network, applications and services, customers can align costs directly to their business needs.

With services hosted in more than 45 data centers around the globe and managed by customers through a self-service dashboard, BT Cloud Compute is designed to help CIOs meet their stringent compliance requirements and local law and regulatory obligations by letting them decide exactly where they want their sensitive data to be hosted.

Its cloud infrastructure uses industry standard secure data centers located in Brazil, Colombia, US, UK, Spain, Benelux, France, Italy, Singapore and Hong Kong and will soon be in Germany, China, India, Argentina and Mexico. 

“In the cloud services marketplace, BT is very strong in comparison to other global enterprise IT services providers, because the company has made good on its promise to offer services out of Europe, the Americas and APAC. BT has also constructed a pragmatic ‘build it and they come’ approach for investment in data center and cloud services that complements its strong and growing global network infrastructure,” said Amy DeCarlo, principal analyst, security and data center services at Current Analysis.

BT Cloud Compute is already allowing life sciences companies to collaborate globally on crucial research and development projects to improve their speed to market.  A leading international law firm is using BT Cloud Compute with web-based information sharing tools to provide clients with fast access to legal and market know-how across Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. One of BT’s most creative not-for-profit customers is using BT Cloud Compute to raise money across Spain and Latin America via web, mobile and social media apps. Those customers are safe in the knowledge that they are using the same solutions that underpinned London 2012, the most connected Games ever.