BT signs network management deal with Intelliden

BT has selected Intelliden to deliver its policy based compliance management and applications for policy-driven automation of network compliance, configuration, change management, and activation.

BT's Global Services, Design and Operate divisions are now implementing Intelliden's solutions to ensure complex network policies and configuration changes are consistently enforced across its internal, external and customer networks.

'BT requires standards-based solutions that enable us to cost-effectively ensure compliance with thousands of regulatory, security and operational policies,' said Matt Bross, CTO of BT Group.

BT Global Services is implementing Intelliden's applications to automatically and intelligently enforce network policies across the BT Global Services network, including its customers networks worldwide.

Intelliden's PBCM significantly provides total network compliance in support of regulatory, security and operational policy requirements, ensures high network availability by automating error-prone manual processes, enhances security by reducing configuration errors and network vulnerabilities, and improves operational efficiencies by consolidating disparate compliance management processes into a unified, comprehensive application, according to the company.