BT signs outsourcing deal with KPMG

BT has signed a five year, £62 million (€78.6 million) outsourcing agreement with KPMG. Under the terms of the agreement, the telco will deliver 'a transformed technology architecture' to KPMG on which to build value added services, aimed at improving productivity and cutting operating costs.

BT said it will provide a converged, IP-based, networking telephony infrastructure which should allow KPMG practices to collaborate, have greater flexibility and accommodate additional countries as appropriate: the agreement will initially be implemented in the UK and Germany.

BT will be responsible for services such as: WAN and LAN upgrades and management; the deployment of Cisco IP telephony, managed video and audio conferencing; integration of an existing Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) platform; the provision of fixed voice and management of legacy TDM telephony.