BT speeds up fiber rollout

BT is fast-tracking the first phase of its broadband fiber network rollout, unveiling plans to cover 1.5 million homes by the English summer of 2010.

The €1.7 billion network will offer broadband speeds of up to 40 Mbps and has committed to reaching 10 million homes by 2012.

BT originally planned to cover half a million homes and business by March but has put the pressure on to cover 1 million homes in the same time frame..

BT Openreach CEO Steve Robertson said: “We had aimed to get fiber to half a million homes by next March but we're now being far more ambitious. We've received a tremendous response to date and so we're keen to get on with the job.”

The carrier is working with 16 ISP partners on its fiber trials in London and Wales, which started earlier this week. No details on pricing have been revealed. BT detailed the next 69 locations that will be added to its fiber network from March.