BT unveils smart meter plans

Long-range radio should be deployed in the UK to meet government targets of connecting 28 million homes to a smart-meter grid, British Telecom says.
The telco has partnered with Arqiva and Detica to develop a dedicated, secure, radio link for the service, after assessing various alternative communications options over the past 18 months.
Long range radio has proven effective in North American smart meter initiatives and would offer “substantial benefits” to the UK, BT said
Unlike mobile networks, long-range radio can offer nationwide coverage and a reliable indoor connection, the telco notes, adding that the network would also be secure because it runs on dedicated licensed spectrum.
BT proposes creating a dedicated network for the smart meter program, which the government wants to be complete by 2020 at the latest.
It plans to utilize Arqiva’s radio spectrum and Detica’s infrastructure security services, and will work closely with smart meter manufacturer Sensus to develop the grid.
The partners will launch a formal proposal in September, after the UK government publishes more details about the project.
“It is vital that any solution is designed for ubiquitous coverage of homes and is thoroughly secure and resilient,” Olivia Garfield, BT Group strategy director, said
The UK government hopes to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 2.6 million tons per year once the smart-meter grid is up and running.