BT unveils Wholesale Broadband Connect

A new Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) service has been introduced by communications solutions and services provider BT, representing its new family of next generation broadband services for UK communications providers.

BT said the WBC service runs over its 21st Century Network (21CN) and will be available from exchanges serving about 1m homes and businesses in the UK initially, with service to be progressively expanded to cover a potential footprint of 10m homes and businesses by spring 2009.

WBC, which is the first mass market product to be delivered over BT's 21CN, will provide increased service differentiation to communications providers and enable them to offer broadband with improved control, choice and flexibility to end users, along with faster broadband speeds.

BT confirmed communications providers will be able to opt to provide end customers with services based on the new WBC service where the customers are connected to a 21CN broadband-enabled exchange.