BTS set to deploy enhanced network in Ireland

Broadcast Technical Services, the dominant broadcast integrator in Ireland and long time client of Statmon Technologies, is set to deploy Statmon's AXESS monitoring and control platform for the 4FM national network across Ireland.

AXESS will allow BTS and the 4FM management team to monitor and control all transmission activities from a central operations center located in Dublin.

Through the advanced self-healing capabilities of AXESS, BTS and 4FM will gain efficiency and save resources on 'live in the field' fault and failure responses and be able to recover remotely either via automated recovery protocols or remote operator intervention.

'We are delighted that our partner BTS is preparing for the deployment of AXESS to support and assist in the efficient operation of the 4FM network along with our other customers in Ireland (News Talk 106 and the Spin network),' Ken Dillard, EVP for broadcast sales at Statmon Technologies, said.