Business Ethernet bandwidth use soars

The amount of bandwidth used for business Ethernet service connections is now far higher than that used for legacy data services, research and consultancy firm Vertical Systems Group claims
The firm’s analysts note that global growth in legacy bandwidth is leveling out, while Ethernet bandwidth consumption is registering double-digit growth, mirroring a trend first seen in the US in 2011. Connection speeds for Ethernet services range from under 10-Mbps to 10-Gbps, the firm reveals.
“Enterprises throughout the world are stepping up the migration of their legacy network applications to Ethernet, driven by increasing availability of Ethernet services, lower bandwidth costs, and more flexible bandwidth scalability,” principal Rosemary Cochran states.
The surge in businesses bandwidth use is fueled by demand for “backup/disaster recovery, high definition video, cloud computing, mobile backhaul and industry-specific applications,” Cochran adds.