BYOD policies boosting competition

Bring your own device (BYOD) policies are now crucial to the success of businesses, research conducted for British Telecom shows.
A study of 2,000 IT managers in eleven countries found that 80% believe businesses with a BYOD policy hold a competitive advantage over those without such a strategy, with 64% noting that allowing staff to use their own laptop, tablet or smartphone boosts productivity.
BT’s research also shows that four in five companies already have a BYOD policy in place. IT managers believe the strategy allows greater flexibility for employees – a view echoed by staff, who believe using their own device makes them more efficient.
However, more work is needed to ensure staff recognize the risks of using their own device in the workplace. Only one in ten bosses believe employees are aware of the dangers, with around half the number reporting their staff understand which access and permissions are required.
Neil Sutton, vice president of global portfolio at BT Global Services, says the study shows the “BYOD genie is out of the bottle,” but notes the “risk of abuse and attack has multiplied,” as a result.