China phone sales suffer 2% dip in recent quarter

China's handset sales volume reached 22.07 million at the end of the second quarter, dropping 2.01% from the last quarter, a report from research firm Analysys International, quoted by Wireless News, said.

The report said sales volume of GSM handsets reached 20.51 million units, a decrease of 2% over last quarter.

Meanwhile, thanks to China Unicom's low-price handset customization strategy and further adjustment of channels, the sales volume of CDMA handsets reached 1.57 million units, up 7.44% over last quarter, the report said.

Generally speaking, China's domestic handset makers' total market share kept on dropping, while the market shares of CDMA handsets of domestic brands increased due to the centralized purchase of China Unicom, the report said.

The report said Nokia and Motorola posted "outstanding performance" in the second quarter due to increasing marketing efforts, while the total market share of China's local handset brands continued decreasing.