Is China spying on Tom-Skype users‾

Tom-Skype has been keeping tabs on the Skype text chats held between Chinese users, a recent report has shown. And it may be doing so for the benefit of the Chinese Government.

According to a report by privacy groups Information Warfare Monitor and Oni Asia, Tom-Skype has been scanning conversations made using its version of the Skype program for sensitive keywords.

If certain keywords are found, the messages are then uploaded to the Tom-Skype servers, along with the encryption key needed to decrypt the messages.

Keywords included 'communist' 'Falun' or 'Taiwan Independence'.

The researchers were able to view, download and archive many ostensibly private communications.

Tom-Skype, the Chinese joint venture between Skype owners eBay and Tom Group Subsidiary Tom Online, has denied allegations it has been monitoring Skype messages for the Chinese Government.