China Telecom, Russian carrier to build cross-border cable

China Telecom and Russian carrier Synterra have agreed to build a new cross-border fiber connection – the third between the two countries.

China Telecom CEO Wang Xiaochu and Synterra chief Vitaly Slizen signed a memorandum on Tuesday to build a link across the Amur River between the border towns Heihe and Blagoveshchensk.

The contract was one of a raft of military, energy and resources deals agreed in Beijing this week as part of the annual economic summit between the two countries.

Construction of the cable is some way off. China Telecom did not disclose the length or capacity of the system, or timetable for completion.

The project requires approval of both governments and “further research by both sides” to agree on details of how the cable will be built.

It will be the third cross-border link between the two countries. China Telecom has previously build cables jointly with Rostelecom and TTK.

Synterra runs local and enterprise services in 22 regions across Russia, employing 2,000 staff.