Chinese authorities close down dozens of Web sites

The Chinese government shut down dozens of Web sites that carried pornographic material or offered pirated movies or online games, an Associated Press report said.


Among those detained were two people accused of making $125,000 by running a pirated version of a game made by Chinese online game giant Shanda Interactive Entertainment, the official Xinhua News Agency, quoted by the report, said.


Another site was fined $12,000 for letting customers download thousands of pirated movies, Xinhua said, citing an announcement by the government's anti-porn and anti-piracy task force.

Authorities closed 53 Web sites with pornographic or violent content, Xinhua said, without giving details.


The report said China had the world's second largest population of Internet users, with more than 100 million people online.


While the government encouraged Internet use for education and business, it strictly controlled content and tried to block access to material deemed pornographic or subversive, the report said.