Chinese demand tailored smartphones

Research firm Strategy Analytics this week claimed that handset vendors must offer highly tailored content to enjoy success in China’s smartphone market.

A series of studies by the firm reveal that Chinese smartphone users are just as keen on mobile apps as subscribers in other markets, however simply transferring current offerings to the country won’t be enough to win hearts and minds. Instead, China’s consumers want access to app stores that offer content tailored specifically to their tastes.

Applications in demand include local shopping sites, stock market reports and restaurant reviews, analyst Alvin Wu notes. “Chinese consumers seek a mobile application store that should not only be easy to use and well structured, but provides a specific Chinese consumer experience,” he states.

Strategy Analytics’ research also reveals that Chinese smartphone users are influenced by the quality of the camera built into their devices, and are keen on making purchases through their phone – either linked to credit or debit cards, through local payment applications, or directly from their mobile bill.

Paul Brown, director of the firm’s User Experience practice, notes that smartphone vendors “must meet unique Chinese consumer needs for integration of native applications and social networking services, contacts and messaging, file management, security, privacy and customization.”