Cisco doubles router capacity with 10Gbps line card

Cisco has announced an upgrade for its ASR 9000 series of routers, doubling its density and giving it a capacity of up to 400Gbps per slot.
Cisco is introducing new a single-slot 16 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet line card, which delivers over 100Gbps of capacity, Cisco said.  Competing offerings are limited to 50Gbps per slot, Cisco added.
In combination, the ASR 9000 and the line cards will be able to deliver capacity as high as 6.4Tbps.
The router also incorporates a dedicated video streaming module, which allows content caching, ad insertion and fast channel change.
Telstra yesterday became one of the first to deploy the ASR 9000 for its carrier Ethernet platform, Cisco said. Cogent, Softbank and Verizon Wireless have also installed it.
“Successes like these are indicative of Cisco delivering a highly versatile product to the market and one reason for its increase in market share in the carrier Ethernet router space this quarter,” IDC analyst Eve Griliches said.

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