Cisco shifts focus to consumer market

Network equipment maker Cisco laid out its ambition to become a major force in consumers' lives in as short as three years with technology to smoothly stitch together Web services in homes, cars and mobile devices, a Reuters report said.

The Reuters report quoted Cisco CEO John Chambers as saying that this vision will be called 'The Human Network' and could involve having a song switch from a device in the home to a cell phone to the car as a consumer moves around.

It might also include advanced video conferencing while watching television with friends and family in different locations, the report said.

'We've been laying the groundwork,' Chambers was quoted as saying. 'We have the ability to enable this human network.'

Cisco also said it would strive to be as successful in the home as it has been in offering products and services to enterprises and telecoms and cable operators, the report said.

'We'll take this to where we think the consumer market will go, just like the enterprise, just like service providers,' Chambers said. 'This is a three-to-five-year vision,' he said on the sidelines of the event, although he added that the changes could potentially happen faster then he expects.

Chambers also cited Cisco's acquisitions of home network gear maker Linksys and set top box maker Scientific Atlanta as examples of how the company is trying to achieve its goal, the report further said.