Clearwire offers free Wimax to Silicon Valley developers

US Wimax operator Clearwire will launch its network in Silicon Valley with a free offer to qualified developers for 12 months.

The Wimax Innovation Network will initially cover over 20 square miles in the Bay area. Intel and Google have already agreed to take advantage of the offer, and Clearwire is seeking to give more developers the chance to kick-start the development of 4G mobile applications.

In order to qualify, developers must sign up for Clearwire's developer program and describe the products or ideas they wish to pursue, the company said

Cisco will provide the IP NGN infrastructure needed for the rollout, and the network should be ready by late in the US summer.

Clearwire expects to launch commercial Wimax services in 80 US cities - as well as California's Bay Area - by 2010. The network is expected to cover up to 120 million people.