Clearwire to launch Spanish Wimax network in Jan

US Wimax operator Clearwire has announced plans to deploy Spain's first metropolitan 4G network by the end of the month.
The network - which will be the company's first Wimax deployment outside the US - will cover the southern city of Malaga, home to some 600,000 people.
The Malaga service will be called Instanet, and provide average download speeds of 3 Mbps to 6 Mbps. Both contract and pre-paid plans will be available, starting at €30 per month.
The network rollout was conducted with the co-operation of the Malaga government, as well as key organizations such as the University of Malaga, Clearwire Spain managing director Gilberto Sánchez said
“The commitment of local government along with the region's status as a technologically-savvy and cultural hub makes Malaga a natural fit [for Clearwire],” he said.
Clearwire president Barry West told Reuters the Malaga launch would serve as a showcase to prove to potential co-investors that the technology works - and can be profitable.
He added that the Clearwire group was on track to achieve profitability in each of its Wimax markets within two years.
In October, Clearwire contracted vendors Alvarion and ZTE to roll-out its Wimax network in Spain. Alvarion was selected for the Malaga network, while ZTE was chosen to roll out services in the city of Seville.