Clients want cellcos to own up boo-boos

A total of 90% of customers want personalized interaction with their mobile operators and expect communication at every touch-point – from the first interaction when signing up to when they experience a problem to when their needs changing.
According to a survey by Vanson Bourne, more than three-quarters of consumers agree that one way mobile operators can improve their personal interaction with customers is by proactively recognizing and acknowledging poor
service quality when it happens. Nearly three out of five would like an apology or some form of compensation for the issues.
When asked to rank the top channels through which they interact with their mobile operators, half of respondents selected the phone as their main method, with just under a third stating online.
The results also shed light on the importance of understanding each individual subscriber and his/her unique contexts, and leveraging this intelligence to best serve them and maximize business opportunities.
The survey also found significant revenue potential for mobile operators that personally interact with consumers when they have ad hoc needs.
Almost two-thirds of consumers said that they would like to download large files more often if they had a better rate plan for their mobile data, better bandwidth or a better device, and nearly half (49%) would pay for a temporary upgrade to download those files more quickly, if offered. On average, these consumers are willing to spend $3.80 for such a boost – accounting for an increase in ARPU of 12%.
The survey, sponsored by Comptel, polled 6,000 consumers from 12 countries across EMEA, Latin America and Asia Pacific.