Comptel updates fulfillment product

Comptel has released Comptel Fulfillment 8, an upgrade to its catalog-driven platform designed to help operators manage the end-to-end process from service order capture to service delivery.
The update includes technology designed to expedite the deployment and launch of rich communications services. It addresses the service delivery complexity and cost concerns of telcos, including minimizing the need for human intervention.
Comptel Fulfillment 8 enables operators to manage a broader portfolio of products and services — including the use of third-party applications and content — and simplify service creation with the link to an agile and efficient service catalogue.
Comptel Fulfillment 8 streamlines all service delivery functionality — including comprehensive order workflow and management, a stateful service and resource inventorytechnical service catalog, and provisioning and activation — into a single platform that can manage converged services in a network-agnostic environment.