Consumer backlash prompts mobile broadband revamp

Negative feedback from subscribers who signed up for mobile broadband packages has stirred O2 into making pricing and service changes, together with the more unusual step of offering a 'Happiness' guarantee.

O2 became aware of subscriber dissatisfaction following a cross-network consultation that revealed the startling fact that 20 per cent of mobile broadband users were unable to access the service despite claims from the MNOs that they offered 90 per cent coverage in the UK. Ten per cent also complained they had been misled by their mobile operator on the available throughput, whilst around a third said the ongoing cost of mobile broadband had been higher than they expected.

In an attempt to redress these issues, O2 is now offering a network coverage checker to enable potential users to establish the likelihood of them connecting to the service from their desired location, and the company's standard 3GB download limit contract has been reduced to €20 per month.

In addition, the company has launched a 50-day Happiness guarantee that provides mobile broadband subscribers with an escape clause allowing them to terminate their contract at any time if they are unhappy with the service.

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