Consumers comfortable banking, but not shopping, online

Just 6% of consumers aged 20-40 feel secure when making online credit card purchases, even though around half are comfortable banking online, a survey has shown.


The survey from security firm F-Secure revealed Hong Kong customers are less certain about online banking than the global average.


Just 46% of Hong Kong consumers responded they agreed or strongly agreed that they were safe while banking online, compared to 63% in the US and 62% in France. Indians were slightly more confident, scoring 54%. In total, 31% were unsure of the safety of online banking.


"There is a lot of uncertainty in performing financial transactions, but it seems the basis for these sentiments is not necessarily founded on a good understanding of the real threats," said Sam Lee, F-Secure's regional director for Hong Kong.


Surfers are divided in their ability to spot phishing emails, with 54% fairly or very confident they could detect one, but 27% feeling that they would be unable to.


The survey also found that 54% of respondents did not agree that their children were safe online, with just 7% replying that they were totally safe.


The survey covered consumers in Hong Kong, India, North America, UK, France and Germany.

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