Consumers prefer mobile Web

Stats released by the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) this week reveal that almost three quarters of global consumers access mobile internet services on a daily basis, while almost a fifth have now ditched their fixed line broadband services in favor of wireless.
The organization quizzed 8,000 consumers in Brazil, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, UK, and US, finding that 72% use mobile internet each day, and 18% have binned fixed-line connections. It claims that means more people are accessing the Internet wirelessly than on fixed lines each day.
Mobile finance fared well too, with 57% stating they have accessed balance checkers and money transfer services. On the flip side, just 10% say they have paid a bill via their mobile.
There is no such challenge for m-commerce, though, with 82% reporting they have used their handset to research or buy goods. Security remains the key barrier to adoption of m-commerce services, though, with 27% stating they would use the services more if protection was beefed up.

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