Consumers shy away from in-app purchases

A lack of clarity on mobile apps is hindering the market for in-app purchases, with 37% of smartphone owners shunning the feature, research by Stibo Systems shows.
The data management firm claims a lack of app product details or inconsistent information across all channels where an app is available is the main barrier to in-app purchases, with 47% of the 2,000 smartphone users polled stating that detailed product information is a critical factor in whether to make a purchase on e-commerce sites.
Product details ranked as the main method of boosting usage of online shopping sites, with 30% of respondents rating the importance compared to 17% who said more personalized promotions were the way to go and 14% who rated improved search capabilities.
The rewards for companies that get it right are clear. Stibo found that 32% of consumers who regularly use mobile shopping apps are likely to also buy from entertainment sites, while 24% are keener on grocery and produce sites.
“Consumers want detail and consistency when it comes to the ways in which they research and buy products,” Stibo managing director Mark Thorpe notes. “Only when businesses successfully address this will they be able to offer a solid multi-channel experience.”