Consumers warm to targeted advertising

Consumers are warming to the idea of targeted advertising for both mobile browsing and IPTV - but want to set their own terms.

According to a recent IBM survey, nearly 60% of people are willing to share information with mobile advertisers if it results in targeted incentives which match their lifestyles.

Younger respondents were less concerned with revealing personal information to advertisers, but even a substantial portion of participants over 45 were willing to share personal information.

But every respondent indicated the need to receive some form of incentive as a return, with the most popular potential incentives being free music and videos and discounts to favourite stores.

"Operators must carefully think through their opt-in strategies to take advantage of advertising and commerce opportunities across TV, mobile devices and PCs," said IBM Global Business Services managing partner Bill Battino. 

In an unrelated survey, research firm iGR has determined that the majority of customers will accept mobile advertising, and share their usage patterns with advertisers, if it results in discounted phone bills.

56% of mobile users polled said they would view ads on their phones if given a 25-50% discount on their monthly bills.

Meanwhile, after a hostile initial reception customers are showing signs of warming to the concept of targeted advertising for IPTV.

Alcatel-Lucent has told FierceIPTV that according to market research customers are more becoming more willing to participate in targeted advertising schemes now the industry has informally decided on an "opt-in" model.  

The company has been recommending IPTV operators offer incentives, such as limited-time discounts, to help draw people in.