Dell signs broadband wireless deal with Vodafone

US computer maker Dell has signed a deal with Vodafone to provide laptops that can connect to high-speed, wireless broadband networks in the UK, France, and Germany.
Dell said with its build-to-order capability, it would expand customers' wireless connectivity options by delivering built-in access to Vodafone's high-speed wireless data network in these countries.  
This new service will mean users will have readily available access to e-mail, Internet and servers through the Vodafone mobile broadband data network, Dell said.
Beginning in the first half of this year, Dell will offer notebook computers with optional integrated HSDPA wireless broadband capability, which will boost current 3G download speeds by approximately four times.
The built-in mobile broadband technology will also be backward compatible with UMTS and GPRS wireless data networks.
Dell further said it is the first major personal computer supplier to announce wireless carrier partnerships in multiple regions, including initial agreements with Vodafone in France, Germany and the UK.