Denmark's largest operator puts femtos to the test

Another European operator, TDC Mobile--Denmark's largest--has made its first move regarding femtocell technology by planning to install trial units in 30 homes that will be connected to its commercial core network. The NEC-supplied femtocell is designed to be a 3G plug-and-play unit designed to provide in-building coverage using a DSL line for backhaul.

According to NEC, the trial will be specifically tailored to demonstrate to the consumer that seamless handover is possible between the macro network and the femtocell for voice and data calls. "We will also make sure the interference mitigation techniques operate as they should, together with roaming between the macro network and femtocell, and that the back-office billing works correctly."

If this small-scale trial is successful, then TDC confirmed it could deploy a NEC-based femtocell network later this year--making it one of the first operators in Europe to make this level of commitment.

Separately, NEC has confirmed that it will withdraw from the PC market in Europe to cut losses incurred due to increased competition and a weak economy--and as part of NEC's efforts to revamp loss-making divisions and return the company to profit.

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