Deploying Wimax now

Learn how Alvarion’s WiMAX solutions strategy enables service providers to gain immediate value from operating a WiMAX network today, while having a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to later upgrade their networks to 802.16e-2005. In the short term, service providers adopt 802.16-2004 WiMAX to capture valuable market share, revenues, and WiMAX experience. Later, when they are ready to upgrade to 802.16e-2005, they can do so with minimal cost and service-related inconvenience to end users.

Migration from 802.16-2004 to 802.16e technology requires a network upgrade that also includes the integration of additional core network elements, such as home agents, ASN gateways, and others are also required, so to constitute a fully mobile WiMAX network a number of complementary steps must be taken.

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