Deutsche Tel details LTE expansion

Deutsche Telekom is backing up planned LTE network expansion with a new breed of flat-rate mobile data tariffs for business users.
The German incumbent revealed 100 cities in the country will have access to 100-Mbps data rates via LTE by end-2012, with a further 2,000 rural regions set to enjoy 50-Mbps access. From April 3, business users will be offered basic 3.6-Mbps access for €16.76 per month for up to 1-GB of data; a medium package capped at 3-GB at 21.6-Mbps for €25.17; or a 10-GB package at 42.2-Mbps for €41.97 per month.
When the 100-Mbps services launch at the year end, they will be priced at €58.78 with a cap of 30-GB. Users who exceed the download limits will be offered a top-up package, or can opt to carry on at lower data rates.
The operator states its current HSDPA network already covers 85% of Germany’s population, with speeds up to 42-Mbps.