Deutsche Telekom exec: Android, not Windows Mobile, is the future

Having been a strong supporter of Windows Mobile-based handsets, statements made by a Deutsche Telekom (DT) board member would indicate that the company might move away from Microsoft and base its future around the Android platform.

According to Reinhard Clemens, CEO of T-Systems, a major subsidiary of DT, while T-Mobile will continue to release handsets using Windows Mobile, Google's Android software will be the Windows of the future. "Android is the first OS that enables the development of cellphone software without the need to change the code to support specific handsets. This will allow operators to remain independent of hardware vendors."

Clemens did not stop there, but went on to criticise Windows Mobile as being exceptionally power hungry. "Windows Mobile devours simply too much energy, and the user needs to be close to a power socket if they intend to use a Windows Mobile handset with the OS for any length of time."

While Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, spoke long and loud about the company's plans for Windows Mobile at MWC, the division continues to remain unprofitable--the only one out of Microsoft's seven core businesses. Also, many market watchers believe that Windows Mobile 6.5 (scheduled for release around Q3/09) will fail to impress considering what the competition will offer by then, namely the Palm Pre on sale and two new iPhone models in June.

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