Deutsche Telekom hiring 3,500 staff

Deutsche Telekom is ramping up its business across the board and hiring up to 3,500 new staff this year despite the economy’s struggles.
The bulk of the jobs 2,100 will be reserved for graduates with internal training from Deutsche Telekom's cooperative study programs while 1,400 will be for recent graduates and professionals.
"The economic crisis notwithstanding, we plan to continue rebalancing the age structure against the cycle at Deutsche Telekom, bring some new know-how into the company and enlarge our community of talented individuals," said Deutsche Telekom human resources officer Thomas Sattelberger.
He added that the measures were put in place to address a dramatically widening skills gap and the demographic and technological shifts currently under way, “we will lose if we snooze," he added.
Hires will be focused on software developers, business administration graduates, product managers, business analysts and IT architects.
The company is recruiting up to 50 "high potentials" for its newly developed young talent program- Start up! - who will complete their training by fulfilling a wide variety of functions across the company.
Meanwhile the carrier has finalized agreements for 720 partnership deals with municipalities across Germany to expand their broadband networks.  Another 50 agreements are pending officials' approval. 
"We will continue our targeted investments in rural areas in 2010 and plan to enter into about as many partnerships as we did last year," the company said. DT plans to rely more heavily on a combination of technologies including mobile communications or microwave radio solutions.