Deutsche Telekom says it is 'close' to resolving T-Systems sale

Deutsche Telekom is close to resolving the future of its systems-integration business T-Systems and plans to make a decision in March, the division's head, quoted by a Reuters report, said.

'We are in final talks and sounding out all options,' Reinhard Clemens, CEO of T-Systems, quoted by the Reuters report, said.

'Everything is possible from a sale to a partnership,' he said.

Clemens took over as head of Deutsche Telekom's smallest unit in December.

According to media reports, Deutsche Telekom has been in talks with India's top software firm, Tata Consultancy Services, a company named last year as a possible partner for T-Systems, the Reuters report said.

Asked whether T-Systems was looking for a partner in India, Clemens said: 'There are alternatives.'

T-Systems provides IT and telecommunication services for business clients such as carmakers Daimler , Volkswagen and aircraft maker Airbus, the Reuters report further said.