Deutsche Telekom seeks Israeli partners

Deutsche Telekom is looking for partners in Israel, the German telecoomunications firm, quoted by an Israel Business Arena report, said.

'We're interested in expanding our collaborations in a number of fields, such as Internet relay over wireless, added-value applications, IPTV, and security applications,' said Rene Obermann, chairman of Deutsche Telekom.

The executive was further quoted by the report as saying that 'there are many fields in which we can offer collaboration, and we intend to carry out the necessary changes to facilitate easier working relationships with companies.'

The executive also hinted of investment plans, the report said.

'We're looking for companies where we can promote innovation by investing in them,' Obermann said.

Deutsche Telekom has been showing interest in Israeli companies for quite some time, the report said.
A year ago, the company asked the Export Institute for a list of companies which could be suitable partners for commercial collaborations. It was given a list of 200 companies, of which it chose 16 that it felt were the most suitable, and six of these are now working together with Deutsche Telekom on joint projects.