Deutsche Telekom sold over 100,000 iPhones

Deutsche Telekom sold more than 100,000 of the devices since its November debut, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report also quoted CEO Rene Obermann saying that the company is satisfied with sales and usage of Apple's iPhone.

At Telekom's annual general meeting in Cologne, Obermann said the devices were the most popular multimedia device sold by its T-Mobile cell phone division.

He said that iPhone customers used the Internet 30 times more on average than other mobile telephone customers, and that a third of iPhone customers had bought the most expensive user plans.

Telekom spokesman Alexander von Schmettow declined to say what the actual sales figure of the phone was beyond 100,000 or offer any forecast on future sales, but said it was 'meeting expectations' and that customers had a high data usage rate.

Deutsche Telekom advertises 8-gigabyte iPhones for €99 euros (US$153.45) and offers monthly service plans between €99 (US$153.45) and €249 (US$385.95), according to the company's Web site. Deutsche Telekom is the exclusive service provider for the iPhone in Germany.

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