Device hardware more important than software

Despite the rise of mobile applications, device hardware and cell coverage remain the key factors in US consumer’s purchasing decisions, research by Deloitte shows.
Just under 60% of consumers surveyed rated the price and functionality of smartphones as the most important factor influencing their purchasing decision, compared to 18% who cited downloadable apps and other additional features as the key influence.
That places applications fourth in the list of factors behind cell coverage (49%), and form factor (34%).
However, the additional features provided by mobile apps has seen 42% of consumers ditch their portable MP3 players and cut the amount of music they listen to via traditional AM/FM radios.
In a warning to games console manufacturers, 30% of respondents said they had stopped using portable gaming devices in favor of mobile games. Stand alone GPS devices have also suffered, with 24% saying they have reduced their use of the units.
The research also flagged a crossover between online newspapers and their print counterparts, with 18% of consumers admitting they would subscribe to print newspapers as a result of using online versions.