Digital library for rural Thai village

International Datacasting Corp's SuperFlex DVB satellite datacasting system and Datacast XD content distribution and management software played a key role in the launch of Sat-Ed's "Room for Life" e-learning center in the tiny village of Baan Nong Pai in rural Sakhon Nakorn, Northeast Thailand.

The "Room for Life" provides email, e-commerce, video conferencing and an educational video-on-demand digital library to the residents and students of this remote area.

IDC provided Sat-Ed's Learning Centers with a state-of-the-art digital library system that offered access to television-based educational material, as well as multimedia content on PCs, via video-on-demand and playout from Web servers.

The "Room for Life" e-learning and VOD system is based on IDC's SuperFlex SFX2100 DVB/IP satellite multimedia receivers with integrated Datacast XD.