DirecTV acquires ReplayTV

US satellite broadcaster DirecTV has purchased most of the assets of ReplayTV, an early pioneer of DVRs that was crushed into near oblivion years ago after a court battle with Hollywood, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report said DirecTV acquired the ReplayTV brand and other assets from Tokyo-based D&M Holdings, D&M said Thursday.
Financial terms were not disclosed.

D&M is the parent company of Denon, Marantz and several other audio and home theater brands. ReplayTV, along with rival TiVo, debuted its DVR in 1999, introducing TV viewers to the technology of pausing live TV, zipping past commercials and recording programs without the hassles of videotape, the report said.

ReplayTV beat TiVo to the market by a few months, but TiVo ultimately prevailed, becoming the catchy brand synonymous with DVRs, the report said.

It's unclear what DirecTV's specific plans are with ReplayTV, though some might construe the purchase as pre-emptive protection against future patent disputes, the report said.