Djibouti Data Centre extends ME links

The Djibouti Data Centre (DDC) is adding another connection to the Middle East, by partnering with UAE-based data center and connectivity platform datamena.
DDC, which claims to be the only East African data center connected to the five main fiber links to Europe and the Middle East, will provide datamena with a dedicated access point in its data center. The firm is seeking to tap growing demand for connectivity between Africa and the Middle East, and will utilize existing subsea cable links between the regions.
datamena vice president, Mahesh Jaishankar, says Africa’s demand for international bandwidth is set to grow at a CAGR of 55% through 2019, citing TeleGeography predictions. “There are strong bonds between these two regions, between people and businesses, and we are witnessing a healthy growth in the data traffic between us.”

Anthony Voscarides, chief executive of DDC, says datamena’s presence on his firm’s hub “will facilitate connectivity for African countries into the UAE’s ecosystem, and similarly for GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] countries to enter into Africa.”