du picks Alca-Lu for 100G rollout

Alcatel-Lucent is set to deploy a 100G network in the United Arab Emirates  (UAE) for domestic telco du.
The infrastructure vendor has been signed up to build the second phase in du’s deployment of a 100G coherent optical transport network in the UAE, which the telco requires to keep pace with booming data traffic. Alca-Lu states its 100G fiber optic technology provides a capacity of up to 8.8-Tbps, and features technology that can extend the distances covered by 100G signals.
“Alcatel-Lucent is expanding our position as the leading next-generation network provider in the UAE,” Amr K. El-Leithy, president of Alca-Lu in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, states. “The new SD-FEC based 100G coherent optical transport network du is deploying will enable them to future differentiate themselves and meet the ever-growing broadband data needs of their customers.”
Saleem AlBalooshi, executive vice president (EVP) of Customer Operations and acting EVP of Network Development and Operations at du, says. “The demand for data services is growing by the second and we selected Alcatel-Lucent’s solution to boost the capabilities of our network in order to accommodate future needs.”
Services in high demand include high-definition video streaming, cloud services, and mobile broadband applications.