Dual-mode Wimax/LTE chips to launch next year - ABI

Multi-mode Wimax chips that support both Wimax and LTE will hit the market next year.

So says a new report from ABI research, whose analysts believe that demand for the chips will be driven by wireless device makers looking to take advantage of the economies of scale they can provide.

According to the report, major operators such as Vodafone and KDDI have feet in both the Wimax and LTE camps. Vodafone plans to use LTE in industrialised regions and Wimax in developing nations.

The dual mode chips are currently being developed by Wimax chip vendors, because Wimax networks will be deployed sooner than LTE.

Meanwhile, Motorola yesterday announced that it had completed the industry's first over-the-air LTE data sessions in the 700MHz spectrum.

The company is also performing tests on 2.6GHz products. Motorola expects its first commercial LTE release to launch next year.