E-Plus, Nokia Siemens finance LTE consumer research

E-Plus and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) are working with the Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany, to understand how consumers actually use LTE in their daily lives.

E-Plus and NSN want to see how consumers use LE.

The two firms have committed to provide funding of €2 million to support the four-year research programme, assisted by NSN installing a small LTE network to provide coverage across the university campus. The LTE research project will also involve the network planning firm Mugler.

Commenting on the project, as reported by Portel of Germany, the CTO of the E-Plus Group, Rafal Markiewicz, said: "Researchers from the University of Chemnitz will develop new methods for measuring quality. We want to know exactly which aspects of the LTE network are essential to providing a positive customer experience."

"For the first time customer needs are the focus of network research," he added. "The research results will help E-Plus incorporate network designs so as to provide the best data network from a customer perspective."

Prof. Ulrich Heinkel, who is in charge of LTE research at the university, said the trial would involve around 200 users and would form the basis for a long-term study. "We will further develop our LTE examination and measurement methods by building on the foundations of previous research results. Our goal is to collect and transfer knowledge as possible for the improvement of user-centric mobile networks," said Heinkel, according to Portal.

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