eBay launches green goods site

EBay has launched WorldofGood.com, a web site to sell goods produced with social and environmental goals in mind.

An Associated Press report further said eBay developed the site with World of Good, a startup focused on 'ethical supply chains' behind consumer products, and licensed the group's name for the marketplace.

World of Good will get a share of the revenue from the site, which had been operating for the past six months as an online community focused on the social impact of business, the Associated Press report said.

The site will sell fixed-price goods that purportedly have some positive effect on people and the planet.

Shoppers will be able to search for products by certain social or environmental categories, revealing, for example, a photo of the man who produced the fair-trade coffee you're interested in buying, details of its origins and whether some of the proceeds support a charitable cause.

Independent third-party organizations like Rainforest Alliance and Co-op America will screen sellers and verify the items listed on the site.