Elektrim Telekomunikacja seeks appeal on PTC shares

Elektrim Telekomunikacja, or ET, a joint venture between French media group Vivendi and Poland's Elektrim, is challenging a legal ruling that has stripped Vivendi of its stake in Polish mobile telecom operator Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa, a Dow Jones report said.

The report said Elektrim Telekomunikacja had applied to the Warsaw Appeals Court to cancel its decision of March 29 that recognized a Vienna arbitration court's ruling that the transfer in 1999 of PTC shares held by Elektrim to Elektrim Telekomunikacja was invalid.

Elektrim Telekomunikacja also asked the appeals court to suspend its March 29 decision until the ruling on the cancellation was made, spokesman Aleksander Kobecki was quoted as saying.

The date of the court's decision on cancellation had not yet been set, the report said.

Elektrim's representatives resented ET's move, especially the fact that the French side tried to "give instructions to Polish courts," Elektrim CEO Piotr Nurowski was quoted as saying.

Nurowski reiterated that Elektrim wanted to reach a compromise over PTC.

The complex dispute centered on whether Vivendi or Deutsche Telekom would end up owning the PTC shares, the report further said.