Elop resurfaces at Telstra; SFR seeks to halt customer exodus

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> Former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is to join Telstra, where he will be responsible for strategy. Bloomberg article

> Altice-owned SFR said it would invest more in mobile internet services after the French operator lost 1 million mobile customers in 2015. Reuters article

> Sony boosted its share price by unveiling a virtual reality headset that undercuts its rivals' planned products. Bloomberg article

> Qualcomm announced it will launch a virtual reality software development kit (SDK) for its Snapdragon 820 processor in the second quarter of 2016. Qualcomm announcement

> TI Sparkle, a subsidiary of Telecom Italia, deployed a Genband cloud-based OTT app to enable mobile network operators to offer international calling services. Genband announcement

And finally…Experts provide the starkest warning yet over the dangers of self-driving cars...Guardian article

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