Enabling next-gen connected home services

In order to deploy value-added services for fast-emerging connected home market in efficient and profitable way it is imperative to have both services themselves and associated devices managed in a standards-based way.

To protect the customer’s privacy, permission may be required when subscribing to connected home services. Management access to the services and devices for providers and application access for consumers must be clearly demarcated.

This white paper outlines the value proposition BBF brings to service providers and consumers to enable the next generation family of value-added managed services for the connected home, such as home monitoring, control, security, media, health, energy management, and others via its evolving set of recently updated technical report TR-069 standard enhancements, including software module management, ACS northbound interface requirements and future enhancements such as management of non-TR-069 devices and others.

This white paper originally appeared on Broadband Forum

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