Ericsson: 5G subscriptions to reach 150M by 2021

The latest issue of the Ericsson Mobility Report predicts that there will be 150 million 5G subscribers by 2021, with South Korea, Japan, China and the U.S. expected to lead in the first wave of take-up. The report also said mobile video consumption is driving around six times higher traffic volumes per smartphone in North America and Europe. Global mobile data traffic is forecast to grow ten-fold by 2021, and video is forecast to account for 70 per cent of total mobile traffic in the same year. In terms of markets today, China has overtaken the U.S. to become the world's largest LTE market. By the end of 2015, mainland China will have 350 million LTE subscriptions -- nearly 35 per cent of the world's total LTE subscriptions. The market is predicted to have 1.2 billion LTE subscriptions by 2021. Report