Ericsson CEO: Video will generate half of all mobile data traffic in 2015

BARCELONA, Spain--Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg predicted video will generate half of all mobile data traffic in 2015, as the number of people viewing streaming video exceeds those watching scheduled broadcast TV.

In a press conference here, Vestberg also predicted that global LTE subscriber growth will surpass 80 per cent during 2015, and that mobile broadband coverage will top 70 per cent. The CEO noted that demand for streaming video and growing mobile broadband availability open up new opportunities in the ICT market and beyond.

"There is a new logic being applied across industries. We can see a definite shift from physical products to digital services. New business models are emerging, along with new ways of solving old problems that create new efficiencies. True customer intimacy can be created using digital tools. All in all, you can see that ICT drives transformation that is really changing the game," Vestberg said.

While Ericsson is demonstrating a range of new services and approaches here at the Mobile World Congress that it announced a fortnight ago at an exclusive event in London, the company kept its powder dry with regards to the HDS 8000 Hyperscale Datacentre System--a new Cloud system that Vestberg said tackles "the challenges with security, governance and automation, which are areas we know are blockers for many companies."

The company also revealed its Connected Traffic Cloud during the media briefing. The company said the system is a managed cloud platform that enables the sharing of real-time traffic and road conditions data between connected vehicles and road traffic authorities, and also the communication of traffic advisories to drivers.

"The real value of the Networked Society lies in connecting complete systems, not only the devices in the system. That is when we can really start to unlock the hidden value that ICT enables," Vestberg noted.

Ericsson's traffic cloud system is an extension of similar cloud systems for the marine industry and an existing connected vehicle system.

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