Ericsson claims early 'pre-standard' 5G success; Norway plans another spectrum auction

> Nokia's Here mapping business completed its acquisition of Medio Systems, a U.S. company specialising in real-time predictive analysis. Release

> Carphone Warehouse plans to enter the Irish mobile market by July 2015. Article

> Ericsson said it achieved data speeds of 5 Gbps in live demonstrations of what the company is calling its pre-standard 5G network technology, as Huawei joins the board of 5GPPP. Article

> Egypt is finalising the details of a long-awaited unified licence for both mobile and fixed telecoms services. Article

>Portugal Telecom is under fire from Brazil's Oi, which said the operator did not disclose an investment in the holding company of a key shareholder under investigation in Luxembourg before PT and Oi combined assets. Article

> Norway plans to auction off three blocks of mobile spectrum in the 1800-MHz band early next year. Release

And finally...A router too far? Parents have mixed feelings over new technology that could control when their kids can go online. Article