Ericsson says there is little relevance between location and mobile usage

Ericsson revealed the majority of global mobile device users prefer accessing the Internet or social media to online shopping or video calling, following research the vendor said shows there is little relevance between users' location and their usage.

A global study of mobile users by Ericsson's ConsumerLab unit revealed 77 per cent of users in Germany, Denmark, Italy, the UK, and Russia access e-mail on mobile devices at least once a week. Elsewhere, 83 per cent of users in Argentina and Uruguay access social media on mobile devices, while 89 per cent of consumers in Brazil, Canada, and the U.S. browse the web.

Ericsson quizzed 47,167 users in 23 countries--a sample the company states is equivalent to 1.1 billion people. The research shows consumers are no longer constrained by location, with most accessing work and personal content anytime, anywhere. Ericsson also states that users will switch devices depending on which application they are utilising.

Vishnu Singh, director at Ericsson ConsumerLab, said the study found that 23 per cent of global mobile users perform work-related tasks in the evening. "Another important observation is that when the number of locations where people carry out tasks increases, so does the number of screens they use," he said.

The research found that 21 per cent of consumers using social media in one location switch screen to do so, while 44 per cent make the change if accessing social media sites in at least three locations.

Ericsson's research also found the majority of mobile users prefer to access services indoors than outdoors--a ratio of 7:1--with the most common services viewing TV or video, working or studying, and shopping.

Singh noted that consumers' preference for indoor access offers an opportunity to vendors of equipment that improves coverage in buildings. "Despite rating their experience highly, consumers are still willing to invest in improving indoor connectivity," Singh said, adding: "Around 56 per cent of consumers are keen to spend more on improving indoor connectivity, whereas only 33 per cent are willing to do the same for outdoors."

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- read Ericsson's press release
- view Ericsson's full report [PDF]

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